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Treatment of neck pain due to false sleep

Treatment of neck pain due to false sleep

Neck spasm causes some disturbing symptoms that need to be treated for the pain of the neck due to the wrong sleep. These symptoms include:

Acute pain in the neck.
    Pain when moving the neck in any direction.
    Make sounds with neck movement.
    Stiffness in the neck muscles.
    Numbness and soreness in the muscles of the fingers, hands and arms.
    Dizziness with vertigo.
    Strong headaches in the back of the head.
    Back, shoulders and shoulder blades.

How to treat the mother's neck due to false sleep:

First, the treatment of the mother's neck due to the wrong sleep is by following the correct sleeping position while sleeping on a medical pillow to avoid a recurrence of neck spasm.
    Treatment of neck spasm with hot compresses or ice compresses depending on the injury and the presence of swelling of the neck or not.
    Take care to bathe with warm water to relieve pain.
    Go to physiotherapy centers and work out the exercises assigned to this condition with the doctor in charge of the center to restore the softness to the neck vertebrae again.
    Make a gentle massage of the neck using the thumb and forefinger finger.
    Avoid sitting on the floor because sitting this way presses the ligaments and cartilage in the neck area.
    Take care to drink water in large quantities during the day to keep the body hydrated to increase the softness of the discs between the vertebrae of the neck.
    Stay away from carrying heavy weights during neck cramping, or even spread the weight on the shoulders evenly to relieve the weight of the neck.

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Methods of treating the mother neck due to false sleep using herbs:

Turmeric: Neck spasm caused by false sleep can be treated by using turmeric as it contains anti-inflammatory substances such as curcumin, where it can be mixed with coconut to relieve pain.
    Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar reduces inflammation in the neck significantly because it contains antioxidants in relieving muscle pain and be used by putting a piece of cloth dipped in apple cider vinegar on the neck or even can be used in another way which is to put two cups of apple cider vinegar with warm water for bathing.
    Lavender Oil: Neck spasm can be treated and the vertebrae relax by applying lavender oil with water
    Clover: Clover relieves pain and swelling in the neck area and can drink a glass of warm clover tea until the symptoms of neck spasm disappear.
    English salt: English salt, or what is known as magnesium sulfate, also helps regulate the activity of enzymes as it activates blood circulation to relieve neck spasm, but the method of use can put English salt for warm bathing water.
    Chili: Chili peppers are natural pain-relieving substances and also anti-inflammatory, can be used by mixing two tablespoons of olive oil with a spoonful of dried chili ground, to paint the neck with this
    The mixture as a local paint relieves the spasm of the neck causing temporary pain.

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