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Reasons for not being able to sleep

Reasons for not being able to sleep

Inability to sleep or "insomnia" is a troublesome problem for those who suffer from it, as it distracts attention and reduces efficiency in daily activities.

Sleep self food and dynamo activity

It is known that enough sleep represents 6 to 9 hours, which is reduced to up to 6 hours with age.

If this percentage is lower than normal and is interspersed with the inability to sleep in the beginning, frequent interruptions at night, early waking up in the morning and the difficulty of trying to return to sleep, what is known as "insomnia", a problem that greatly affects human mental health and causes disorders and reduces the ability to perform daily activities efficiently.

Therefore, it is preferable to refer to the specialist to determine what the problem is, because the causes of insomnia or lack of sleep are multiple, including:

Types of inability to sleep "insomnia":

Doctors divided the inability to sleep or what is known as "insomnia" disease into three types depending on the severity of the condition and the period of continuing inability to sleep.

"Temporary insomnia" is a common insomnia where symptoms appear and last for a period ranging from one day to several weeks.
    "Short-term insomnia", the symptoms of which continue to be unable to sleep for 3 weeks to 6 months.
    "Chronic insomnia" is the most dangerous type because the inability to sleep in it can last up to years.

Causes of inability to sleep:

The inability to sleep has many reasons that vary from person to person depending on the state of health, mental state and amount of effort exerted in daily activities, but there are broad lines in these reasons that we can identify and try to solve to reach enough sleep and a quiet night without insomnia.

First, psychological factors:

It is the strongest factor in insomnia, sleep inability and the most common.

These include mental disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, and stress.

Secondly, the causes of physical pain that bother the patient and cause the inability to sleep such as bone pain and you can learn about what causes knee pain, headaches, teeth, ent and throat diseases, and any other organic disease such as diabetes, kidney disease, various gland diseases and even chronic diseases.

Third, general indicators are symptoms or causes that are far from psychological factors and organic causes but affect the inability to sleep, such as:

Snoring during sleep.
    Dinner with a heavy meal before bed.
    A lot of caffeinated stimulant beverages such as coffee and tea, especially before bedtime.
    Exposure to noise source and loud sound.
    No specific sleep re-operating system.
    Take certain types of medications that cause insomnia.

Inability to sleep or "insomnia" is a problem that affects the human being negatively, and this problem has several reasons at various levels and must reach its origin to get a calm sleep without insomnia.

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