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Purifies blood and treats kidneys and hemorrhoids. Great benefits to eat melons daily

 Purifies blood and treats kidneys and hemorrhoids. Great benefits to eat melons daily

The German Consumer Information Center said that cantaloupe helps prevent cancer, as it is rich in lycopene, which is part of carotenoids, which have a cancer-inhibiting effect.

Melons, also known as "cantaloupe", are also the key to agility thanks to their low calories, with 100 grams of it containing only 40 calories, the center added.

In addition, the cantaloupe has a refreshing effect during the summer, thanks to its high water content, which supplies moisture to the body.

Melons are one of the fruits that have many benefits for health, Dr. Khalid Yousef, an obesity and thinness therapist, confirms that "melon" treats constipation, reduces stomach acidity and burn, and is rich in alkaline substances that reduce blood acidity.

He added « Khalid » is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A and vitamin B and vitamin C, besides its rich potassium which makes it excellent for high-pressure patients, as it is rich with the substances "betacartine" and "lycopene" which is a very strong antioxidant and protected from cancer, as the melons are useful in increasing blood fluidity because it contains the substance "adenosine" which prevents blood clots.

The treatment specialist of obesity and thinness explains that melon is a powerful diuretic and rids the body of urea that causes gout pain, as recent studies indicate as it also suits diabetics and improves their conditions because it increases insulin receptors.

Studies have also shown that melon water purifies the skin from melasma and freckles, purifies blood and helps in the treatment of kidney disease and gout and resists hemorrhoids, but warns to eat it in large quantities so as not to cause rot in the intestines.

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